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Apply To Join GetSwarms Network

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Experts

GetSwarms  is a worldwide network of Digital Transformation experts that provide AI strategy and consultancy. We build teams of AI researchers with industry professionals that can implement cutting-edge algorithms for your business.

Our network is made up of almost 1450 Digital & AI experts, coming from the world’s top universities, AI hubs and businesses. Our depth of knowledge and global presence means that we can help clients avoid long, complicated and costly recruitment of data scientists and to start progressing their AI and ML projects immediately.

The arrangement also helps us to provide on-shore, off-shore and near-shore resources for various problem domains at lightening quick speeds in practice. The swarms are managed completely by us using our cloud service and are graded according to certified skill levels. Consequently, we have people who represent the whole IT pyramid including Industry experts, board members, CTOs to developers with appropriate IT certifications who work collectively to provide best services to our clients. We run and operate our own SaaS service to manage these swarms and we own full management, responsibility and accountability of these swarms.

We act as a single point of contact to the buyer so that buyer can focus on getting their work done to highest standards.

Why work with GetSwarms?

GetSwarms Network overcomes the supply and demand disconnect between the companies looking to recruit data scientists and their availability, estimated to be at least a 50 percent gap. Consequently, GetSwarms has the depth of skill to connect businesses with AI researchers that can help them get started with AI or develop specific applications of cutting-edge AI and ML solutions.

Founded out of London Business School in 2017, GetSwarms has grown into a network of almost 1450 data scientists and AI experts worldwide. Its founders and management team have leading academic and industry backgrounds in AI, ML and related topics.


GetSwarms expert network of academics and professionals come from University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, Toronto and many of the world’s leading industry AI developers. This gives the company a unique perspective on some of the developments, common pitfalls and necessities in both commercial and academic applications of Machine Learning and AI.

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