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We create connected customer experiences to amplify relationship.By bringing companies and customers together on the 1 CRM. Sharing the news, events, and innovation you need to change the world for good.


 Sales Cloud

We can help drive your company’s growth by managing accounts, find customers and close deals with the help of CRM tool offered by Salesforce Sales cloud. Some of the top features of the Sales Cloud include contact management, opportunity management, lead management, reports and dashboards, sales forecasting, workflows and approvals, sales collaboration, territory management, and partner management.Other tools provided by Dales cloud are Salesforce HQ,Salesforce CPQ,Salesforce

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 Marketing Cloud

We can help your marketing department to send the right messages to the right recipients throughout the various phases of the customer relationship with the help of Marketing cloud.We can help in empowering the collaboration between Sales and Marketing teams to close deals faster, to enhance buyer experience, and to create tailored campaigns with marketing-curated content with the help of marketing automation solution Salesforce engage.

Community Cloud

We can help you to build a platform for everyone important for you business ecosystem. The users collaborate and connect customers, employees, and partners, and also get in touch with job applicants, agencies, vendors, suppliers, and retail locations, among others. The advantages of Community cloud are,

  • Create multiple communities based on business needs.

  • Employees, Partners, and Customers get access to business processes.

  • Integrating data from third-party providers.


Salesforce Platform

We help your company to build an app by providing all essential tools and services provided by Salesforce Platform.It is built on Salesforce cloud infrastructure and has a single, unified cloud environment where businesses and IT teams can conduct app development with no-code builders, built-in enterprise services, pro-code tools.We can also help with other products of salesforce such as

Salesforce Lightning offers a family of technologies for the Salesforce Platform. The technologies include Lightning Experience, Lightning Design System, and Lightning Framework.

App Development Tools include tools that can be used to build apps on the Lightning Platform.  


Salesforce Einstein

With Salesforce Einstein you can do attractive data visualization and user-friendly mobile interface, instant data exploration, and fast cloud speed at scale. It also provide analytics features,

Salesforce Analytics Cloud– allows the user to connect data from multiple sources and build interactive data views. Einstein Analytics Cloud products include Service Analytics, Sales Analytics, Einstein Analytics, B2B Marketing Analytics, and Einstein Discovery. It’s analytics apps are developed for uncovering insights, exploring data and instantly taking action for every member of the business.

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Commerce Cloud

We can help your company to grow faster and convert leads to customers with the help of commerce cloud. It gives the users a complete view of the inventories, orders, and activities. It is available in B2B and B2C commerce stand-alone product lines or as an end to end unified commerce products.It is designed to transform shopping experiences with the help of AI in all digital channels. It’s products include:

  • Salesforce Order Management- transforms stores into distribution centers by activating and selling in-store products online.

  • Endless Aisle- lets the user digital commerce into the store by giving in-store customers unlimited product options and online-only products.


Service Cloud

We can help you provide your customers the state-of-the-art customer services through the Salesforce Service Cloud, the users can deliver more personalized support through various channels that include email, live chat, and phone. It includes a self-service portal with a custom-branded community that enables customers to look for answers independently.We also help with other service cloud tools such as Live Agent,Field Service Management,Live Message etc

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Financial Services Cloud

With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud you can connect across lines of business, geographies, and channels. It gives the user insight into the client’s family wealth ecosystem and a richer context that helps you understand your customers better. It helps the financial services industry to manage customers, simplifies searching through multiple systems, manages household finances and manages to buy and selling of stocks. 

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