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Testing Swarms
Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

We provide software testing and quality assurance services to deliver robust and UX-optimized products that comply with the required quality standards and security regulations.

Our software testing and QA services


GetSwarms provides software testing services to timely detect arising issues and implement improvements on the go, as well as quality assurance to prevent potential bottlenecks and deliver secure, performant, and user friendly solutions.

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Software Audit

We analyze your business objectives and software requirements to define project complexity, work scope, quality criteria to meet, as well as work out a testing strategy. Thanks to the discovery and planning stage, our QA engineers are able to start testing activities as early as possible, saving your costs and improving time to market.

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Functional testing

Our dedicated QA team conducts functional testing to verify that each software component or the whole system operates in conformance with a technical specification. We perform functional tests at all stages of a development life cycle to deliver bug-free functionality.

Test Automation

Test automation helps to achieve better coverage and eliminate human errors. By minimizing manual efforts, you save up to 30% on QA expenses and facilitate time to market, especially under tight deadlines.


Security testing and load testing

We perform security testing to protect software from malware and hacker attacks, as well as to safeguard sensitive data. By conducting load testing, our QA experts analyze how a product behaves when thousands and millions of users interact with it simultaneously, contributing to better scalability and performance.


Compatibility testing

Our QA engineers ensure that your system is compatible with modern browsers and operating systems. We guarantee that a software product provides a superior user experience across all mobile and web devices.


Usability testing

By performing usability testing, a dedicated QA team analyzes how users interact with software to find out where they encounter issues or experience confusion. Focusing on ease of product use, we deliver smooth navigation and an intuitive interface.

Regression testing

Following updates to your software, it’s essential to ensure it's running as it should be. We can run manual or automated regression tests to ensure everything is good to go before live deployment.

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Mobile app testing

As experts in our field, we can provide the specialist testing required for mobile app developments

API testing

We’ll test Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to prove their functionality, reliability, performance and security when the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is not available.

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High Quality, Low Cost - Guaranteed!

Are you wondering how to achieve the highest software quality? We have valuable insights to share!

QA Planning


Analysis and planning

  • Analyzing project requirements and planning QA activities

  • Defining tools and techniques for software testing



  • Setting up a test environment and preparing testing workloads

  • Creating testing scenarios and test suites



  • Executing tests and reporting bugs

  • Updating test scenarios



  • Fixing bugs

  • Performing regression testing


Reporting of test results

  • Checking deliverables

  • Reporting results of product testing

Our QA engineers perform end-to-end software testing to ensure that it complies with the specifications. Following best software testing practices, we deliver robust solutions that meet expectations of end users.

Why choose Get Swarms as a provider of software testing and QA services?

Collaborating with Get Swarms you get access to our 20-year experience in quality assurance and software testing. Using advanced tools and following best practices, we deliver top-notch software in the required time frame and budget

Lower costs of specialised software and hardware for your quality assurance infrastructure.

Early feedback from a dedicated QA team.

Reusability of QA artifacts, resources, and software assets.

Test automation with Selenium, Appium, Protractor, Postman, and JMeter.

Ensuring security, high availability, scalability, and usability of your product.

Testing Technology stack

Quality center
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Thinking About What It Might Cost For A Type of Resource or Whole Project?

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