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Applications in Travel & Transport

The application of AI in the hospitality industry is revolutionising the way guests plan and execute their trips. From data analytics to improved sales forecasting, the tourism sector is reaping the benefits of AI's efficiency gains.

Accelerate the future of mobility with Swarms

Increase the pace at which technological improvements in engineering, production, customer experience, and in-vehicle experience help automakers make the shift from product producers to suppliers of mobility services.

Emerging mobility services

Improve your company's bottom line by letting cutting-edge data analysis inform your business strategy.

Differentiated customer experience

Build brand loyalty and get valuable insights via the use of individualised customer experiences.

Accelerated vehicle innovation

Improve the safety, legality, and convenience of driving by developing new goods and services.

Increased organizational productivity

Use the computing power of the cloud and tools for team collaboration to give your organisation a boost.

People chatting

Chatbots & Online Customer Service

Online customer support is a promising area of application for AI in the hospitality and tourist industries. In particular, its use for powering chatbots on social networking sites and IM programmes has seen broad popularity.

When AI is used in this manner, clients still have access to answers to their inquiries and helpful resources even when a human care agent is unavailable. Artificial intelligence helps companies to respond to customer requests on internet platforms at speeds that would be physically impossible for people to achieve.

Work from Home Setup

Face to Face Customer Service

As popular as it is for businesses to utilise AI to fuel their online customer service, there is a growing trend toward using the same technology in traditional, in-person encounters with customers. Notably, this may help reduce wait times at the front desk or information desk, which can boost productivity. In the tourism industry, for instance, a robot may utilise AI and voice recognition to answer questions from clients and recommend activities. The robot learns from each encounter it has with humans, which in turn enhances the quality of their future exchanges.

Paying Customer
Financial Data

Data Processing 

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Holding Bills

Online Payments

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