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How AI Managed Swarms

The Swarms are automatically managed, are auto-scalable, available on-demand and provide pay-per-use pricing allowing you to incorporate change requirements, big chunks of development and manage tight deadlines with an easy to use self-service interface
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How it works?




It's Absolutely Free  and anyone from your organisation can register

Tell us what kind of capabilities you need now or in the future. Its completely Free and will cause NO obligation on you. Our Account Manager will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements


We'll Provision Your Organisation on Swarms Platform

No obligation on you to hire us but we'll be ready at a day's notice if and when you need us

Our Account Manager will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and agree a rate card for the services you require so you can ask us to provision resources whenever you need those. It is completely free and still no obligation on you to hire.


You Request Swarms when you need it 

Your project / resources start within 24 hours or at the date of your choice. Start / Stop resources anytime

When you are ready, simply login to your Swarms account and provision resources as and what you require. We work with 4500+ resources with varying skills and your desired resources and skills can be made available to you from the next day or day of your choosing.

Unique Benefits Of Swarms

We are disrupting traditional IT Consultancy model. Innovation does not belong to an individual or a company and so do not the resources who develop it. Swarms is a network of individuals from different walks of life who come together to deliver

Something awesome, Something Next Generation!


Extreme Parallelisation will build your product in fraction of times normally taken by other companies - The Power of Togetherness!


Fully managed SaaS service provides you with hierarchical modular tasks - Manage dependencies across Multi-agency, Multi-location, Multi-cultural teams in real-time - Probably World's first!


Scale up and down Any time, Start stop resources any time at a week's notice. Full Control over who you work with - Flexibility is our middle name!


Testing swarms test each decision point, functional aspects, non-functional aspects, security aspects, solution performance, scalability, stress points and more - Quality is our  Central Offering!


Industry Experts from domain level to CxOs, Technical Gurus to Analytical Genius - The Ones who have 'Been There Done That' guide you to success!


View how programme is performing and then zoom up to developer task - know each blocker, progress, upswings, downswings, plan based on real-time grass root facts - Be in Knowledge the Whole Time! 

How Do Swarms Work?


Swarms use Fractal Pattern to divide your work

Swarms deploy Artificial Intelligence based Fractal Pattern to divide your work into various executable chunks. These chunks are then parallelised with the help of our unique Machine learning algorithms. 

Now beauty of this is that all this happens in the background so from your viewpoint, you just keep on adding new requirements or changed requirements and Swarms will automatically re-align, re-orient and auto-scale to provide you the deliverables in fastest time possible.

Of course, you get all sort of metrics to keep track of where you are and when you can have final product to help you plan your marketing efforts around it.

Looking for Experts?

Try Self Managed Swarms in Enterprise Cloud to extend your team with quality guaranteed by GetSwarms

Faster Time to Market with Auto-Scaled On-Demand Algorithms

Time saved is money earned. Fast pace your project delivery to reach to the market before time. The Swarms Enterprise Cloud can automatically adjust its workload and resources to provide you the fastest turn arounds.

  • Almost instant provisioning lets you start early

  • Automatically Scaling in and out of resources when the workload increases or decreases to maintain an optimal delivery speed

  • Uses Extreme Parallelisation to bring forward the delivery by miles

If information is power, Nothing keeps you as informed as Swarms Cloud do providing you that X factor, that added advantage to out compete your rivals and achieve unbelievably faster turnarounds and time to key markets.

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Powered by extensive Purpose Built set of Cloud apps to deliver fast

The Swarms utilise number of cloud apps behind the scene to help deliver your requirements. This range from managed unified source control, deployment pipelines to a highly developed infinite hierarchical programme management tool called 'Delegate'.

As client or sponsor, this gives you the added advantage of being on top at all times as this provides you a view of the whole system, any blockers, milestones and deliverables from a single set of screen. You can delve deeper from CEO level to Developer level with in the Swarms Delegate App, all with few clicks.

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