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How it works?

Learn How Self Managed Swarms work?

See how you can easily provision resources, get projects done with our innovative solutions

How to Create Your Own Swarms?

The process below is a typical representation of how you can easily create and manage your own Swarms

1. Create Swarm

Join GetSwarms and Create a Swarm For Free

Creating a new Swarm is free - you are only charged on the basis of what resources you add to your Swarm.

Provide information about the industry, discipline and, technology that your project operates in and your Swarm will be created.

2. Add Resources

Choose what type of Professional resources you need


Next, you can choose what type of professionals and expertise level you require. You can specify as many as you wish to start with. Also, you can create a cross functional Swarm by adding resources from multiple disciplines e.g. Architects, Developers, Testers etc. Thats it, we will then provision the resource matching your requirements in as little as 24 hours.


3. Manage

Scale up & down, Start / Stop and change resource type anytime


Ok, now you're in business. Manage your Swarm size, type of resources, number of resources at any time. You can add more resources, remove any resource or switch to a different type of resource at any time. For example, add more resources when you have additional work or switch resource type as you move from design to dev to testing


* You can either choose to avail heavy discounts of up to 50% by buying credits upfront that you can use over the year for any set of technology, expertise etc. or you can pay-as-you-go in arrears using invoices on monthly basis as per your usage. 

* The resources are made available for up to 2 days with money back guarantee in rare case that you do not find them suitable. After 2 days, it will switch to the default option i.e. full replacement guarantee and Start / Stop Anytime.

* If you have purchased a number of days upfront at discounted rates, you can re-purpose the credit days as you like, whenever you like. You can of course top up the credits. Check our pricing to understand how credits map to individual resource based on their skill, technology and discipline.

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Get Your Flexible Workforce without worrying about IR35, Contractors or Delivery Quality

Swarms are available when you need them, how so many you need and for whatever purpose you need

  • No Hiring Fee that you normally pay to recruitment agencies

  • No IR35 or Payroll issues to deal with

  • Start / Stop or re-purpose any day without wasting any money

  • Get the right level of expertise for each role

Quality Guaranteed by GetSwarmsTM

We take full responsibility of the quality of your delivery. Either we will put it right or return credits for the work in the rare case that you are not happy with the deliverable.

  • Vendor Certified and/or Ex-Vendor resources with extensive experience and expertise

  • Free After Implementation support available for up to 12 months. Increase that further with Premier support package

  • Online tracking of each delivery to ensure the deliverables are always delivered to highest quality

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Faster Time to Market with Reduced Costs

Time saved is money earned. Fast pace your project delivery to reach to the market before time

  • Almost instant provisioning lets you start early

  • Scale in and Scale out the resources when the workload increases or decreases to maintain an optimal delivery speed

  • Use Extreme Parallelisation to bring forward the delivery by miles and reach to your market sooner

Sale Branding

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Looking to develop a Project?

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